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Tour Dates updated


Hello everyone. I would like to give you all updates on everything going on in the world of Lillian Axe. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for all of their support and prayers over the last few weeks since I had my rotator cuff surgery. I am not going to lie. It is been pretty painful. But I just had my first rehearsal with Sledgehammer and I am actually playing better than I thought I would. I start rehab in a week and a half and will undergo that for three months. I am so looking forward to playing again.

Lillian will be playing in Pekin, Illinois next Sunday. Then Sledgehammer has a date on the November 22nd in Metairie Louisiana and in Covington Louisiana on November 28. Then in December we are playing two nights at the Paragon Casino on the 19th and the 20th. January will see Lillian axe doing several shows in the New York Baltimore Philadelphia region.

Also in January The 10th episode of Constantine will air on NBC. Just wait until you see this! Also in January will premier my ghost hunting show called Through the Veil. We have filmed three episodes already and this is going to be fantastic!

I have started writing the next album and all I can tell you is that my goal is to make the most intense record of all time. It will be very emotionally charged. I hope all of you are doing very well and again I thank you for all of your best wishes and prayers. It means very much to me.

Please check out the brand-new Bow Your Head video. Bring lots of tissues. God bless all of you. SB


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Podcast Interviews with Steve Blaze on - podcast #179 and #181.





Steve has a new project called Sledgehammer with Guy Gelso from Zebra. All heavy classic rock from Deep Purple to Alice Cooper. Also in the band - Mike Maxx, Brent Graham and Joe Caluda.
First Sledgehammer show is THIS FRIDAY, August 22 at Hurricanes in Metairie LA.

Upcoming Sledgehammershows:
Fri, 09.05.14 - Covington, LA - Columbia Street Rock n Blues
Sat, 11.22.14 - Metairie, LA - Hurricanes


Steve has a new guitar company and endorsement he is working with. These guitars are amazing. The company is called Strictly 7 and Steve worked hand in hand with these guys to bring you all a new Steve Blaze signature guitar model. These things are really awesome. Take a look at pics on our FB page and our Reverbnation pic in which you will see Steve playing his new orange model and there is another one on the way. You can visit these guys by going to Strictly 7.

Steve's message regarding the new guitar: " Hello everyone. I have recently joined forces with a guitar company called Strictly 7 Guitars to build a new model simply known as the Steve Blaze model. I have just received the prototype and I can't put it down. I played the Duling Hall show in Jackson with it for the first time and it was amazing. You can see the orange version in the picture. This guitar is unique in its conception. It contains 26 frets and the neck is longer than the traditional neck by 1.3/4 inches! There are 2 versions, this orange model with the cross inlays and a purple model, in production now , which has the 23rd psalm written down the length of the neck. Wait until you see this one. I am happy to be involved with Jim Lewis and Strictly 7 guitars. I am still promoting my Guilford Blaze and Redeemer models as well, so now I have the different models. As I move forward with Strictly 7, I urge you all to check out their website! Take care my friends."
We are also so stoked to be working with the greatest rock and roll clothing company out there today, Rock-N-Rol GangStar Apparel Company. Darryl Boyd and his staff are out on the front lines at all the shows and festivals and are spreading the brand name like wildfire. We have gotten so many comments and compliments about their clothing line and we are so excited and humbled to have a partnership and venture with these guys. They are great guys and are true rockers like you and I, not some corporate company whose employees sit behind a desk. Please check out these guys on FB and on their website TODAY. Great pricing and even cooler clothing. You will be seeing us wear it everywhere and proudly. Thanks to Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel Clothing for believing in us to help carry the flag and spread the name. We hope you will check them out by visiting
Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel.



On May 16, 2010; Derrick LeFevre, Steve Blaze, Sam Poitevent, Eric Morris and Ken Koudelka will be inducted as the first hard rock band in the Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame. Lillian Axe will forever be remembered along side such greats as Fats Domino, Buddy Guy, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Allen Toussaint to name a few


Lillian Axe will be headlining the "First Annual Louisiana Music Homecoming Concert" on May 16, 2010 at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA in celebration of their induction and they will close the show.


LILLIAN AXE HAS SIGNED A NEW RECORDING CONTRACT AND WILL RELEASE THEIR TENTH ALBUM ON JULY 20, 2010: Lillian Axe will be releasing their new album entitled, "Deep Red Shadows" on Love & War Records / MRI Associated through Sony Music Distribution (RED). Special guest appearing on their new album will be Ty Tabor of King's X.



For information on Steve Blaze helping you create your own song, click here.




Lillian Axe Enterprises is proud to announce that Steve Blaze's first solo CD is now available for download at  Steve's CD has only been available at certain Lillian Axe shows over the years but now the world can experience and enjoy Steve's artistry, passion, vision, guitar wizardry and dynamics heard on "Random Acts of Blindness."




"It's been about 4 months since we released Sad Day on Planet Earth and only now are things calming a bit. Sorry we haven't reported since then but it has been a bit hectic. We would like to thank all of the fans across the country who came out and supported us as we trekked from New York to California and all points in between. We met lots of great people and turned on lots of new fans who didn't know we existed till now. It always baffles me how a band can exist for 20 years and still have a lot of rock fans never hear of them. Oh well, at least they have now. We played some great shows, some weird ones, some hot outdoor ones and some amazing ones, all the while busting our tails to spread the word. It was very tiresome but thanks to an amazing crew and manager, the relentless Charlie Bagarozza, we never skipped a beat. We were fortunate enough to be invited by Alice Cooper and his organization to share the stage again as we did on the Waters Rising tour. Once again, Alice, his band and crew proved to be the class outfit that they were two years ago. We thank them highly for taking such care of us and going the extra mile to make us comfortable and allow us to put on the show we wanted to. I was fortunate to spend the day on the golf course with Alice, Damon Johnson, Chuck Garrick, and Jerry, Alice's assistant and my friend Chris Norch. I spoke with Alice on many topics and he proved to be an amazing, smart and humble human being. He is truly the legend he is recognized as. Not too shabby a golfer either. He tore everyone up. I was smart enough to simply drive the golf cart. Damon, Chuck and Jerry are my new golf buddies and proved to be truly wonderful people as well.

After finishing that run, we are now preparing to play the state fair in Baton Rouge, LA on Halloween night. Then we will be shooting videos for MegaSlowFade and Nocturnal Symphony. I have started writing for the next album already and it feels intense and magnetic. It's great to be home and spending time with my 6 month old Jude, and the rest of the band and crew are resting up for 2010. We plan on hitting the road hard in Jan-Feb to support SDOPE. Thanks so much to all of you for your love and support.